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Partitions in Postgresql and prepared statements

So, we love Postgresql at iZettle. We really do (we also have another kind of love for Cassandra, but that's another story). Why do we love it? Because it's stringent, adhering to standards and almost never surprises us in unpleasant...


Lift off for Hack Week 0x064A!

iZettle is a very diverse company. We are made up of people from many nationalities and different walks of life. We cultivate innovation and ideas from our different backgrounds, and that’s something we harness. Combining that with our belief that...

iZettle at DroidCon

The US is such an easy going place. You constantly say “Excuse me”, get addressed as Sir and watch everyone drive at the speed limit. We loved getting hit by the special smells the malls had (like dried flowers), getting...


Hack week # 6 & the chatbot Emma

For this 6th edition of hack week in iZettle, we counted with several high quality contributions from different teams throughout tech, risk and product. This time the hackathon theme followed the motto “ship it”, where the main goal was to...


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